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8 Ways Content And Design Affect The Bounce Rate And How To Fix It

by Uneeb Khan

Suppose you need help generating sales with your website. Then this guide is surely for you. Low sales suggest that the bounce rate of your website is very high. And you can even see the bounce rate of your website through Google Analytics. You might be familiar with the term “bounce rate” as a website owner. However, if you don’t know, no problem; let us break it down. Suppose a viewer visits your website and leaves it instead of exploring. This shows the bouncing rate. 

A high bouncing rate is obviously an alarming situation for your website and your business. It shows that the content of your website is not engaging. Moreover, the web design of your website is not visually appealing. Australian web design companies suggest that the high bounce rate is due to bad user experience. It means that the users landing on your web page are unsatisfied. This post will help you to overcome this problem.  

Bounce Rate Factors and How To Fix Them

There can be various reasons for the high bounce rate. It can be either visual or maybe content related. Fix those issues, and surely you will get better results from your website. The following are the reasons for the high bounce rate. And with them, their solutions are mentioned. 

Slow Loading Speed

People nowadays don’t have much time to wait. There are thousands of competitors that are doing the same things as you. So, people are still in options. They will find other websites. Indeed, you can not afford a slow-loading website. Even Google is now conscious of the time. They know people want the facts so fast. That is why they introduced snippets. Moreover, if you have a slow-loading website, then you will find it hard to rank high on SERPs. 

You can solve this problem by properly optimizing heavy images. Moreover, you can get rid of wordy texts and scripts. Another strategy is to put a timer on loading. Some people will tolerate it if they know the exact loading time. 

Visuals And Designs

Design is the most important thing when it comes to the presentation of the website. It is the main element of engaging people on your website. Design make a great impact on the human mind. Moreover, good visuals will give viewers a sense of satisfaction. Web design is the first impression of your business. People will be going to judge you by it. And once they have a bad impression, it doesn’t matter how good your products and materials are. 

It is good to use a contrast between the text and background. It improves the readability of the text. Moreover, choose your colours wisely as they have a great impact psychologically. One most important things is not to fill up your page with designs. It is a major mistake that most designers make. Keep it simple. It will give a sense of calmness. 

Technical Errors and Usability

If your bounce rate is extremely high. It means that something is technically wrong with your website. Maybe your website is showing a blank page and giving a 404 error. Moreover, sometimes pages of your website do not work properly. It gives a bad impression of your business and also reduces its credibility. 

To avoid unknown technical errors, recheck the code of your website. You can also improve the usability of a website by giving more time to user experience. Another good way is to place a proper navigation bar.

Poor Navigation

The menu bar or burger menu that allows customers to go to a different page on your site is referred to as website navigation. If you have a high bounce rate, which means users are just visiting one page, it could be due to a problem with your navigation, which prevents them from navigating throughout your site. You are responsible for directing people where they should go next and making navigation obvious and simple for them.

Avoiding too many dropdowns and using internal links on your website to assist your user to the next step are two strategies to achieve straightforward navigation. Display five to seven options on your navigation bar for optimal usability; eight or more options reduce readability and usability.


When it comes to written content, readability is the most important factor. Readability doesn’t only depend on the quality of content. However, the content’s structure and visual appearance are also very important. Otherwise, the reader will be confused by the complicated appearance of your website. A high bounce rate suggests you should look at your content’s readability. 

We suggest you structure your content properly with headings. Moreover, spacing between the lines is also very important. If lines are too close, your content will look messed up. You can also include bullet points. It also increases readability. 

Quality of Content

Once you’ve achieved decent readability, it’s critical that your content is of high quality. Spelling and grammatical faults are guaranteed to put off potential clients. It not only appears messy, but it also reduces the visitor’s trust in you as a trustworthy organisation. You want to be perceived as an expert, thus your website content must represent your authority in your field through well-written material.

According to a survey of over 10000 UK consumers, 59% would not use a company with poor grammar on their website. If a page has a high bounce rate, it’s worth hiring a copywriter to review it and rectify any flaws.

Call To Action

Including a call to action is the best strategy to hook users on your page. It includes icons, widgets, and pop-ups that enable users to perform actions quickly. Suppose a viewer wants to contact you, but he can’t find a way to do it. Of course, they will bounce back from your website then. 

CTAs may include different widgets and pop-ups. You can add a contact button where people can find your email. Or you may include the “subscribe free trial” button. In this way, you can engage the viewer on your website for more time. 

Irrelevant Content

The relevance of your content can also influence user retention and bounce rate. If you don’t know who you’re writing for, the wrong individuals will come to your site and short leave since it’s not what they were looking for.

You become more aware of the search phrases to target and how to write to appeal to these folks if you are clear about who your ideal client is. In this manner, the good folks get on your site and stay longer because you’re answering or solving an issue or problem they’re having.

Final Words

A high bounce rate doesn’t mean that it is the end of your business. So, first of all, don’t panic. Even sometimes, a very well-designed website can also have a high bounce rate. On the other hand, we don’t suggest you completely ignore it. You must consider it and take your bounce rate to a medium level. 

You can look at your website and overcome the issues that are mentioned above. Maybe only one of them is increasing the bounce rate. You can fix the issues in the ways we suggested you do so. 

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