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8 Reasons to Get Custom Bakery Boxes

by Uneeb Khan
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Custom boxes are getting very famous these days. Many different industries now rely on custom boxes as it has multiple advantages over standard boxes. Custom boxes provide a big range of designs, colors, styles, and even sizes. The characteristics of custom boxes stand out against standard boxes and it attracts customers even more. Bakery is one of the most liked departments in the food industry and with the passing of every day, competition and customers are increasing. Custom bakery boxes can easily become the big reason to stand out in the competition, here are the 8 reasons to get Custom Bakery Boxes.

Bring Deals on Board

Since custom bakery boxes are available in many different styles, it is also available in almost any size depending upon the requirement. Custom boxes open a window for many size options that help the bakery to bring new deals on the board. Bakeries can come up with customized deals and present them in custom boxes, which can attract more customers. It just not only increases the range of bakery items but also helps in making more sales. There is no denying that deals attract customers a lot and instead of buying one item, customers end up buying more items in a form of a deal. This mindset of a customer along with custom bakery boxes can be USP for the bakery.

Target Events

Custom bakery boxes can be fascinating around special events or holidays. Events and holidays are very special for the people. It is that time of the year when people make plans to meet their friends, visit their parents, or even organize parties at home. This is the perfect time for the bakeries to target these events or holidays with customizing bakery boxes. Custom bakery box based on an event or holiday makes way more sense for the customer to buy as it makes an emotional bond with the customer. It makes customer feels special and joyful. Custom boxes are the best way to go for bakeries around seasonal events or holidays.


Without a doubt, custom boxes attract customers and give the customer a wholesome experience. While standard boxes are very normal and it adds up nothing to the customer experience, custom boxes can be very valuable. Bakeries go one step further for their customers with uniquely designed custom bakery boxes. Probably, this can be done by an on-demand approach but it can make the customer experience very unique. Customers can simply request bakery for a special bakery box with whatever design or name they want to put on the box, which can be a very virtuous experience for a customer.

Attractive Appearance

First Impression is the last impression, we have heard this quote so many times and honestly, it is very true. This quote not only imply on human beings but also products. The first glance of a customer at a product means a lot. Custom bakery boxes are a way to go here. It has happened many times that customer buys something just because of the box. Bakeries can get customized boxes for their bakery items and can present them in a very unique way. When it comes to bakery items, appearance matters a lot. An attractive appearance is key to increasing sales.

Unique Brand Recognition

Custom bakery boxes build a unique brand reputation and also becomes the brand identity. Having a brand identity for a bakery is a big plus point. It helps customers to choose easily and the customers can differentiate between brands. Where standard boxes are pretty much the same for many and it is hard to differentiate between the original one and the copy one, you can put a logo and trademark on custom bakery boxes. This not only increases the positive brand image but also helps customers to choose the original one.

High-Profit Margin

There is some sort of magic in custom boxes, it makes the customer pay more willingly which ends up in a high-profit margin. Since the customer is getting a unique design experience or an on-demand custom box, the customer is ready to pay extra for that special experience. For a bakery, custom boxes cost less than standard boxes for a couple of reasons and with their low-price point, they can make a high-profit margin by fulfilling customer demand, and by making customer feels special.

Cost Savvy

Custom bakery boxes are very cost savvy as you can order them in bulk. Getting more amount of custom boxes from the manufacturer can help to cut the cost for the bakery.  Since custom boxes are saving a bakery extra bucks and it also have a high-profit margin, it’s a win-win for the bakery from the manufacturer’s side and also from the customer’s side respectively.


Packaging boxes are available in a bunch of materials. Standard boxes are not sustainable and they are a disaster for the environment. These are not biodegradable which means they increase pollution and are very harmful to mother earth. It is our responsibility to take care of our planet. Here custom boxes take the lead. The bakery can get custom boxes in different materials like corrugated, kraft, or recycled cardboard. These materials are biodegradable, more sustainable, and eco to the environment. By using custom bakery boxes, bakeries are delivering value to the customer and also to the earth.


There are no arguments why bakeries should not use custom bakery boxes. Custom bakery boxes are way better than standard bakery boxes as they provide more value to the customer and take care of the customer’s demands. It also helps the bakery to come up with new deals using different sizes of custom bakery boxes. These cost less for the bakeries and can provide a high-profit margin depending upon the strategy of that bakery. Unique characteristics make the custom bakery boxes stand out and provide a different experience from others. It also helps to build the positive reputation of the bakery and acts as a brand identity for the bakery.

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