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8 Indications Your Car Needs Service

by Uneeb Khan
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People love having a collection of the latest cars. If not, everyone desires to own one as it gives a sense of independence. However, owning a car comes with many responsibilities as it is a technical machine that needs to be taken care of. The latest models may require less maintenance, but they still need regular care to be in good form for a long. If neglected and not monitored at the right time can lead to expensive car repairs.

Car maintenance happens to help save costs in the longer run. At the same time, it prevents breakdowns and saves you the time of visiting the workshop. Imagine you are on the way to an important meeting or in the middle of an important conversation, and your car starts making strange noises or breaking down. On the one hand, you will face embarrassment in front of clients and worry about the cost of car repair. If you can’t manage the expensive repairs, then note the indications your car gives that are taking it to the position of being repaired. Timely service can save you the cost.

Below are 8 indications that mean your car needs to be checked and serviced.

Dashboard Light

It has been a major indication for so long. Cars have been coming with dashboard lights since the 90s and are considered to be a major sign of issues in the car. The car dashboard has so many lights and symbols, but the check engine light situated near the fuel gauge is a clear indication that the car needs to be serviced. However, this light does not refer to a problem with the car engine specifically. There can be other issues as well. Having said that, if you aren’t noticing any problems while starting and driving the car, do not take these indications easy, as they are causing problems silently.

Problems While Braking

If your car makes strange sounds when pressing breaks, that means there is a problem with the breaking pads or your car is facing a steering problem. As these parts have an expiry date, do not ignore such sounds and go for a service as these problems can make your car a danger on the road.

Ignition Problem

Normally, cars start easily and smoothly. If they squeal or make weird sounds while starting, be mindful that there is a problem, and it’s time to get it checked by the mechanic. Furthermore, if your car isn’t making sounds and you are still struggling to start it, it is also an indication that the car is having problems with either battery or something else, and getting it checked can save you a repair cost.


If your car stalls, don’t think it’s you who is driving badly. Your car engine must be stopped working or the dirt and debris may have clogged up the fuel filter. There can also be spark plug issues. So, if your car is stalling, there is nothing to worry about. Visit the service center as such repairs are not so expensive.


Car leaks in the form of dark oil or bright-colored brake fluids can be a mess. It can be a reason for an oil pan or gasket being damaged due to debris. So, if you notice leaks, get your car checked to solve the problem before it gets worse.


We don’t often concentrate on the car releasing smoke by thinking it’s normal but actually, it’s not. The reasons can be overheating radiators or overheating engines. The buildup of impurities in oil can also be a reason for smoke which can damage the engine. So, if that is the case, get your car checked to avoid bigger issues.

Strange Noises

Another early indication of problems in the car is your vehicle making strange noises. So, keep your ear open while driving, and do not ignore the strange whines coming from the bonnet. It is an indication that there is a problem with the car bonnet or the engine temperature or some battery issues. These are also an indication of replacement steering fluid or a problem with the brake. So, do not disregard these noises.

 Furthermore, high noises on the road can be a sign that the tyre needs replacement due to being overly worn out. So, if you notice such sounds coming due to problems in car tyres, contact tyre replacement shop in Dubai and near you or visit a nearby mechanic you trust to fix the issue.

In all, it is not uncommon for new drivers to not know about the signals a car gives before the big problem. Keep the aforementioned indications in mind and get your car checked if you notice any of the above-explained problems.

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