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7 Ways Vape Cartridge Boxes Will Help You Get More Business

by Uneeb Khan

Vaping has been a remarkable way of smoking since a great audience left traditional smoking. The dense smoke of vaping makes it even more exemplary and influences the user’s behavior toward the supplier. However, first, the product must be gotten into the hands of the customer. For this purpose, you must pack your vape products in alluring encasements.

The perks of custom vape packaging are many and you get them at every step of the packaging procedure. Starting from choosing the right material to ending up with an everlasting texture, customized boxes have the credibility to be relied upon. However, at every step, you must make wise decisions to get the best results.

Use Robust Materials

The strength of any packaging solution depends on what type of material has been used in its manufacturing. So, you must pay great attention while choosing a material for your ideal packaging solution. Cardboard and kraft materials are very effective in this regard. They can bestow you with solutions that would contribute to improving your business growth.

You must choose a high-quality cardboard material so that these vape cartridge boxes could firmly hold your vape items. You may also use corrugated cardboard material for shipping packaging. These boxes help you deliver the products more safely. Different cardboard inserts are also used. You may also use cardboard sheets to secure the cartridges during transportation. In this way, your product will remain protected throughout.

Construct A Professional Attire

If your product presentation stands on the modern trends, it will get attention. You just have to focus on creating a professional solution so that your ideal customers would like to buy from you. A professional packaging not only involves the graphics but the overall structure. You must reveal your brand values through your packaging so that people will get a unique impression through it.

Before getting into the manufacturing, you must take appropriate measurements so that you will get a fit attire for your products. The packaging size is an important thing and avoiding it may create a lousy impression of the supplier. The ideal way to construct the right size is to leave a space of 1 inch from each side of the box. By doing so, your product will not get either congested or bulged in the box. As cardboard material is flexible, you can construct the right size packaging.

Communicate An Authentic Impression

Every brand has its unique identity which must be conveyed to the audience. When you print your brand name and logo design on vape boxes, people will not only get a professional impression but also an authentic one. Authenticity builds when a supplier openly communicates its brand identity. Eventually, when they see your brand logo along with unique product packaging, they may give it a try to your product.

Even if you have just entered the vape market, the eye-catching custom boxes may inspire the buyer for your product. Therefore, including your brand features in packaging is essential. You must print your brand logo in a way that is vibrant and could reach the target audience. To achieve this goal, you may use flat printing, embossed or raised printing, debossed or pressed printing and hot stamping, etc.

Tempt The Target Audience

Custom packaging paves ways to attract the target audience more effectively. The main focus should be your potential audience because without preferring their interests, you cannot approach them and there are a great number of brands who are offering similar products. To get this done tirelessly, you must deeply analyze your ideal consumers; their likes and dislikes.

Your main audiences would be teenagers, young people, and adults. To tempt all types of audiences, you may divide them into segments and then manufacture different designs of vape cartridge boxes. With the graphics, layout, and style, you may add variety to all these features. In this way, you will be targeting a particular group of customers, more closely.

Include Relevant Details

Your product packaging is also a piece of detail. However, you must know what details should be added. Typically, these details include the following:

Brand Features

  • Brand name
  • Logo design
  • Tagline/ slogans/ advertisement quotes
  • You may also add a short brand story that represents your origin. It may keep the buyer busy with your product for a few minutes and hence, the probability of purchase will be increased.

Product Details

  • Product name
  • Flavour (you may also use logo design to define it)
  • ‘How to use section
  • Ingredients
  • Net weight
  • Manufacturing site

Use A Good Printing Technique

Printing is one of the major things in custom packaging. After all, it defines you in an alluring way and communicates necessary details. Therefore, you must choose a printing technique that brings you good results. Different printing techniques are offered in markets when it comes to custom cardboard boxes, such as:

  • Offset or litho-printing
  • Flexo-printing
  • Silkscreen or mesh printing
  • Digital printing

You may choose a printing technique based on your budget and choice. For instance, lithography is an expensive method yet it gives high-resolution images. On the other hand, flexo is an inexpensive solution but it gives low-quality images compared to lithography.

Do Finishing

To improve the external look and texture of your product packaging, you must choose a certain finishing. As the surface of raw cardboard is rough, varnish or coating may help you improve the texture. For this purpose, various options are offered by packaging brands. You may use spot UV as it is a remarkable option for giving the packaging surface a smooth impression. You may also choose aqueous, metallic, gloss/matte, and soft-touch coatings. PVC lamination is also used.


In a nutshell, custom vape packaging can bring you fruitful results if you manufacture it wisely. You must construct these boxes in appropriate sizes such as 1ml vape cartridge boxes. Choose a sturdy material and communicate professionally by using an alluring packaging design. Use good printing techniques to add details and graphics. Varnish your packaging boxes and give them a smooth texture. Ultimately, you will get improvement in your business.

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