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7 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing the Best Tap Shoes for Women

by Uneeb Khan

Tap dance was born in the US via the fusion of numerous ethnic percussive styles, mainly West African holy and secular step hops called Gioube. Later, with the amalgamation of jigs, Scottish hornpipes, English clog dances, and Irish dance style, it slowly got a form of its own. Musically striking the floor or other firm surfaces is at the core of the tap dance form. With good shoes, you can energise the dance floor and protect the dancer. To find a womans tap shoes, one should know the specifications or requirements of the dance style.

Material for Shoes

Rather than going for anything synthetic based or artificial, it is better to choose Grade A leather for the womans tap shoes. There is long-time contact between the leg and the shoes while practising or dancing. Therefore, choosing healthy and comfortable material is important.

Height of Heel

The heel plays a big part in making sound in the tap dance. But the heel’s height varies according to the height and weight of the person. It is better to consult a trainer or professional dancer before buying the shoes.

Sound Boards

Without sound-resonating boards inside the soles, the shoes will not make the sounds that give life to the tap dance. Many famous shoe brands are using specialised pro-tone tap plates nowadays for a better tap dance experience. The vibrancy of the sounds must match the spirit of the dancer. Only quality soundboards can ensure good tapping sounds.

Lace or No Lace

Many dancers prefer buckles because of a better grip on the legs. During the earlier training sessions, buckles are suitable because they help the dancer control the shoes and her movement. However, many seasoned dancers prefer lace-free shoes for quick changes during stage performances. 

Heel Collar and Cotton Lining

The heel collar decreases compression on the tendons and lets the muscle fluctuate. Tap dance is a fast dance form and creates heat in the leg. Cotton lining helps keep the feet cool and reduces the chances of swelling or injury to the toes. Choose shoes with breathable cotton lining and an upper section made of polyvinyl chloride for a comfortable dance.

Colour of Shoes

Most choreographers understand that the shoes must also complement the person wearing them. Therefore, it is not always a matter of choice. Sometimes, it is a matter of what is suitable. The audience tends to look at the feet of the dancers in tap dance. So, one should choose shoes according to skin tone and comfort.

Manufacturing of the Shoes 

Most companies make shoes thinking about the people of their country or region. So while buying the shoes, it is better to choose a native brand than experiment. Native brands think about the fittings and specificities of the locals and produce products accordingly.

Essentials to Keep in Mind

  1. A sturdy heel and toe counter are essential for extra permanency.
  2. Non-slippery pads of rubber are fundamental as the dance is fast and can cause accidents.
  3. For better performance, try to find extra flexible neoprene split soles.

Tap dance is not only about visual beauty. It expresses the core of the dancer with flamboyance and without restraint. The sound of the shoes is the sound of expression in this case. That is why one should give extra importance to little details when choosing tap shoes for women. Without a pair of suitable shoes, the dance will falter and kill the vibe.

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