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7 Things You Can Make Out of a Cereal Box

by Uneeb Khan
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Many people love to make things from boxes. The same is the same with cereal packaging boxes. Mostly children and teens love to make custom things from cereal and any other product box. Most companies like OXO Packaging use recycle material for making cereal boxes.

Make a Robot From Cereal Box

First, you’ll need several supplies: a white card stock box, different colored construction paper, acrylic silver spray paint, scissors, and duct tape. You can also add pipe cleaners, buttons, and beads to complete your robot. Once you have the supplies, it’s time to start building your robot! First, cut the box into squares. These squares will form the robot’s body. Next, cut the squares into two-inch segments. You’ll need two for each arm, two for the head, and one for each leg. Finally, glue the pieces together in the middle, making a large rectangle, 2X8 inches.

Next, cut out different shapes from the cereal box. Then, make the mask and the rest of the robot. This project can be an excellent way to introduce your child to mathematics. Whether your goal is to teach a math concept or build a traditional space robot, this activity can be a great way to get them involved in the robotics process. Here you can read how big a cereal box is.

Making a Sailboat out of a Cereal Box

If you love sailing, why not make a sailboat out of a cereal carton? The craft is easy to make and a great way to learn how to sail. Start by cutting a lengthwise piece of floral foam and pressing it into a block of glue. Then, insert some dowels.

You’ll need a cereal box at least 12 inches in height, ten inches wide and 10 inches deep. You’ll also need a sharp knife. Make sure you’re working with an adult, as knives can be very sharp. Once you’ve marked out the size of your box, you can cut the cardboard accordingly.

Making a Pig out of a Cereal Box

To start, make a pig’s head out of the cereal box. A circle with two triangles on the top is the perfect shape for the head. Another good shape is the lid of a milk carton. Use a black marker to trace the head. Add a black snout, two small black triangles inside the ears, hooves, and a tail. You can also leave the limbs attached to a toilet paper roll.

You can also use cereal boxes to make ears. Cut a flap at the top of the box and tape it on. You can also use another small cereal box or newspaper to make the nose. Here is the complete guide on why kids love cereal boxes with pear on it.

Making a Car

You can make a great car or toy out of a cereal box. You don’t need to have a lot of supplies to make one, and a cereal box is a great material to work with. If you want to get creative, you can use it to make toys or cars for your kids.

To create a car out of a cereal box, you’ll need a recycled box, some plastic straws, white craft glue, a marker, and a felt. You’ll also need some magnets and a self-adhesive magnetic sheet, which will keep the pieces from falling off. Here you can read how business increases sales through custom packaging.

Making a Loom out of a Cereal Box

Making a loom out of a cardboard box is a fun way to introduce kids to weaving. These looms are easy to make and are perfect for small projects. You can make them out of any type of cardboard, including cereal boxes. Just be sure to choose a material that is thin enough to cut with scissors, but sturdy enough to hold your weaving. Once you’ve made a loom out of cardboard, you can start weaving with yarn. Make sure that your lines are evenly spaced and oriented in the same direction.

First, make the cover. You’ll need a piece of cardboard that will hold at least 20 sheets of paper. The cover will be held together with a simple binding. This binding will be stitched in three places.

Making a Picture Frame

Making a picture frame out of a box is a great way to reuse an empty box. You can use any kind of box for this project. It requires very little training and experience and will keep your kids busy for 30 to 45 minutes. To make a picture frame, first cut the shape out of the box with scissors. Next, apply craft ink to the picture frame with sponge daubers.

Now, you can place your picture in the frame. It should fit in the middle perfectly. Use a piece of tape to secure it. Then, attach the stand to the center of the back of the picture frame. This part should lean over the picture to hold it in place.

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Making a Mini-pocket Notebook

A mini-pocket notebook is an adorable way to keep notes and organize them. It’s the perfect size to keep in your pocket or purse, and you can even decorate it with decorative paper or string floss. If you’d like to make a more decorative notebook, you can use an old cereal box. You can also use it as a magazine holder by inserting decorative paper or string floss into the pockets. A tutorial for this project can be found here.

First, cut the cereal box into two panels. You can use one panel as the cover, and use the other to cut off the excess paper. You can also attach the decorative paper to the flaps at the spine or corners of the journal.

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