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7 powerful tips to make your shoes last longer!

by Mohamed Ali

Shoes are an important part of what we wear. It says a lot about a person’s moment. Sneakers are generally worn by people who practice or love physical activities, women’s sneakers are more related to comfort and therefore to dynamic people, while espadrilles bring a casual and jovial air. Heeled shoes and sandals, on the other hand, are more related to less informal situations, such as work, parties, or even a date with friends in the evening.

If the shoes you wear say a lot about your moment, nothing better than keeping them in good condition, right? Whether at work, at parties, at sporting activities, or in your spare time, you don’t want to be seen as a person who doesn’t take care of herself just because her shoes are not well taken care of. 

Besides, you liked that model you bought so much that you will want to wear it for as long as possible! That is why we have listed below some tips for you to take good care of your shoes. Enjoy your reading! 

1. Apply waterproofing products 

Nubuck, suede, and fabric shoes can get dirty easily. All it takes is for you to lean against a dirty place or for someone to step on your foot, and that’s it! There’s a stain there that can be difficult to remove. For this there are good waterproofing products that will make your shoes resistant to water and therefore to dirt. 

There are several products that perform this function well for an affordable price. It is important to apply this spray from time to time to ensure that your shoes are always well protected. Another cheaper tip, but more laborious, is to rub candle or beeswax all over your shoes, then dry them with a dryer until the paraffin is imperceptible and repeat the operation. Your shoes are ready to hit the streets!

2. Clean them frequently 

Even though they are waterproofed, no shoe is free of dirt. So clean them whenever necessary. Many times just a damp cloth will do, but you can also use a soft brush with neutral detergent. But if you have a dirtier pair of sneakers or espadrilles, then you will need a stronger cleaning. Use tennis shoe cleaner, very common in sports stores. 

But if you are at home and need an urgent service, prepare a solution of water and equal parts of baking soda and neutral detergent, scrub with a soft toothbrush, wipe with a dry towel and let it dry completely in a ventilated environment and in the shade. Leather shoes need to be moisturized constantly and cleaning should only be done with specific products for each type, color, and shade.

3. Wear socks! 

Whenever possible, wear them! There are specific socks for each case: sports socks, with or without piping, for tennis shoes, pantyhose for heeled sandals, and invisible socks that can be used with sneakers, espadrilles, or closed shoes. They will protect the inside of your shoes from sweat, preventing odor and moisture, which will also protect your feet!

4. Organize your shoes 

They need to be in well ventilated places for a good air exchange. Don’t pile them up or put things on top of them, because this can cause deformation and irreversible marks. 

If you have sapatos masculinos that require more care, it is convenient to store them separately and preferably in a cloth bag to keep them breathing. Make sachets of baking soda and leave them inside each shoe, taking care that no residue falls out when you remove them, because they are abrasive.

5. Don’t use them where they are not needed. 

Your feet also need to breathe, so avoid wearing your shoes indoors, unless you are leaving. Many people are lazy to look for their slippers and therefore wear their sneakers, sneakers and espadrilles as if they were slippers, stepping on their counterfort (heel area). This is deformation for sure! And it will cause you some uncomfortable pain in your legs and back. Ah, if you can’t find your slippers, go barefoot, it’s very good! 

6. Let your shoes rest 

Yes, you read correctly! With every step you take, you impose a torsion on your shoes. You sweat all day long. You expose your shoes to the sun, humidity, and other “cositas más”. 

The effects of heat, continuous use, sweat, and humidity reduce the lifespan of your product. Therefore, let it rest for at least 24 hours afterwards. The longer the wearing time, the longer the resting time.

7. Don’t drag your feet!

The way you walk also says a lot about a person. Imagine a model walking in a fashion show: an erect spine, a horizontal gaze, a steady, cadenced walk. It is pure style and confidence! You have never seen Gisele Bündchen dragging her feet on a runway, have you? The same goes for you: dragging your feet shows tiredness and low self-esteem. 

And after a while you will notice how the soles of your shoes will be: all worn out! So, to protect your shoes, sneakers or slippers, stretch your back, look forward, and lift your feet when you walk. In other words: parade!

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