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7 Most Common Causes of Water Damage

by Uneeb Khan

Water damage can happen when you least expect it. Although we can’t live without water, the same source may turn into a disaster. That’s why it’s necessary to understand the causes and prevent water damage in future. You can also schedule a Cleaning and restoration services for inspection, prevention and management of these emergencies beforehand. Let’s have a look at the primary causes of water damage to properties: 

1. Leaking Plumbing Systems or Pipes 

Changes in water pressure or freezing temperature can cause leakages or bursting pipes. If unnoticed, a minor leak may damage your property over time. Additionally, these damages are invisible and may occur within the walls. To protect your home against leaks, hire a water damage restoration service for a detailed inspection or keep a check on them yourself. Moisture on pipes or systems and minor dripping sounds can be the early signs of the leak. 

2. Water Overflow 

If forgetting to turn off household appliances, faucets or sinks is your habit – your place is likely to experience water overflow. It causes severe damage to the floors and carpets and may lead to mold growth. So, keep an eye on the faucets, and if the water keeps flowing, turn off the water supply or primary system. You can also call a plumber to fix the tabs immediately. 

3. Clogged Gutters 

Gutters keep the wastewater out of your property. It helps you keep your water system and surroundings smelling fresh and hygienic. However, clogged gutter pipes can do the opposite. It may return the wastewater to the water system or property through the damaged foundation, roof leaks, and sidings. Then, it may cause odor, germs and whatnot. You should schedule a water damage restoration service to inspect the gutter monthly and remove any twigs, plastic, leaves or seed pods in the drains to keep it in flow. 

4. Faulty Appliances 

Whether it’s an air conditioner, washing machine or sprinkler system, household machines can burst out at any point. For instance, washing machines are connected to water supply lines with constant pressure. The pressure may go up or down and cause a mini flood at your place. Also, an old water heater may start leaking due to internal damage and cause water damage plus electrical issue. So, it’s vital to inspect and take care of your appliances. 

5. Sewage Backups 

Heavy rain may fill up the sewage and cause wastewater to overflow. This incident creates a mess on your property and invites many health hazards. Whenever you experience this, call an expert to fix the sewage system or septic tank immediately. 

6. Severe Weather conditions

Let’s accept that no one can predict storms and floods. However, this natural disaster causes more damage than your clogged sink or drain. Hurricanes or thunderstorms can damage the roof and send contaminated water straight to the floor and inside the property. These incidents don’t happen every day. But when they do, the damage becomes tough to handle. However, you should move to a safe place and call an expert water damage restoration service provider to manage the situation. 

7. Blocked Drains 

Anything from vegetables to a tiny spoon can clog the drains in your kitchen sink, bathtub or bathroom floor. The reasons can also be grease buildup, hair, dirt, toys, rings or toiletries. These clogged drains may cause severe flooding and water damage if not dealt with in time. The only way to ensure a flowing drain is to inspect them thoroughly. Also, keep an eye on your kids; they might have fun dropping anything in the sink or tub.

Note: Be careful while washing vegetables and fruits, and keep the sinks always clean. 

Tips to Prevent Water Damages

  • Proactively inspect drains, household appliances and water systems. 
  • Keep gutters clean by removing plastic and similar objects. 
  • Know your water system’s stopcock. 
  • Don’t let the pipe freeze. 
  • Use a water leak detection device. 
  • Keep an eye on moisture in your place. 
  • Hire professionals for the routine inspection of everything from drains to gutters. 

In most of these cases, regular inspection is the solution. If you can keep track of your home appliances, drains, and sewage systems, you will know what’s wrong even before it causes damage to your property. So, we recommend hiring professionals like Scale Flood Restoration Sydney for detailed examination and restoration (in case of damage). They offer 24/7 water damage restoration service near Sydney. Get in touch with our experienced team for more guidance. You can also trust us in emergencies.

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