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5 Tips For Gaining Facebook Business Page Likes From Potential Clients

by Uneeb Khan

With more than one billion accounts registered, Facebook is one social media platform that photographers should take advantage of. My Facebook followers have been rapidly approaching 9K followers since the beginning of my account, Sparkle Hill Photography, around two years ago.

You can always opt to pay to purchase Facebook likes. You may also opt to take part in “like ladders.” These choices could result in your best increase Facebook likes uk; however, how many users would be likely to take the time to meet with you or show interest in your profile in the first place? What about the free options? In what ways could photographers build a following among genuine local customers without spending a dime?


When you host a Facebook competition or giveaway to attract followers, you must concentrate on people who can help your business and you shortly. The aim is to increase new followers from potential clients and not simply increase the number of likes you have. Below is an instance of a contest I recently ran on my blog.

It is important to note that I only targeted people who live close to me and are genuinely interested in my services or work. This means I am growing followers who may book sessions to work with me shortly; this is vital. This contest also led to shares from LOCAL Facebook users. Chances are that their friend’s lists consist of more potential local customers. Therefore, even if everyone who reads the post does not enter the contest, my name will be read by more local people.

Share Your Page

Sharing your page through your profile may also bring new Facebook fans to your area. I try to post my pages with friends at least every few weeks. Similar to contests posting your page on occasion is the best way to market your page to potential local customers.

If you’re lucky enough to have a great support system like mine, You might ask family members or friends to join your page. Are you unsure of what you can do to promote your page fast and without copying and pasting the URL? I recommend passing this information below to your acquaintances and followers following you.

Make sure you’re using your page for yourself and not as your page. Click on the symbol that has the three dots located on the right-hand side, the bottom of your cover image. After that, click Share. You will be given an option to add more details to the post. When your article is displayed in your feed, users can automatically click on”like,” and users will be able to click on the “like” option without having to click on a link or go to your website.

Tagging Clients

I’m an avid believer that tagging clients can be the most effective method for seeing your images (sneak glimpses) by a wider public. If you tag the client(s), the photos will be displayed on their newsfeeds and profiles. This means greater exposure and exposure for you. The more relatives you include in your images, the more you can benefit. I always recommend that my clients ensure that tags are allowed on their account settings. I also advise them to tag family members and friends that they would like to.

That means you’ll have to be Facebook acquaintances with your customers. Many photographers oppose this as they believe their profiles should remain private. They aren’t at all keen on mixing business with pleasure. I’ve found many positive advantages to being best increase Facebook followers uk with my clients.

Additionally, you can add these users to the “restricted” list if you are uncomfortable with this approach. So, they can only see the posts you would like them to view. If you’re still not convinced that being friends with your clients isn’t a good idea, then at the very least, let your clients tag themselves and relatives in their photos. https://businesszag.com/

There are a variety of methods to accomplish this. In many instances, I use my mobile application on Facebook (not Pages Manager) to access my page and add my clients’ names to my phone following a post on my personal page. If you are tagging your Facebook page or PC first, you’ll need to ensure that you are “using the page as yourself,” as illustrated below.

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