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5 Ecommerce Logistics Trends to Follow in 2022

by Uneeb Khan
5 Ecommerce Logistics Trends to Follow in 2022

With customers fast moving to ecommerce in the recent few years, specifically during the pandemic, ecommerce logistics are steadily evolving for making the most of the current challenges. In order to keep up with the enhancing customer expectations and competition, it makes a lot of sense for manufacturers, businesses and third party logistics for staying in the know-how of the most pressing logistics and ecommerce trends. Here are 5 ecommerce logistics trends to follow in 2022:

1. Enhanced Demand for Third Party Logistics Group

The demand for outsourced 3PL or third party logistics services would continue as the ecommerce sales increase. Third party logistics would expand their offerings to involve offering distribution facilities in several locations to provide more effective and efficient fulfillment and processing. In 2022, we may see more micro warehouses in the urban areas, nearer to the customer. Ecommerce stores that operate more than one distribution facility would be able to manage enhancements in order volumes, get shorter delivery times and have better inventory management.

2. Direct to Consumer Fulfillment

There would be a visible move towards manufacturers of branded products marketing and selling items directly to the customers. For the manufacturer, it provides them direct access to the consumers, enabling increased control over branding, customer services and reputation. A few companies have built a market of passionate enthusiasts through influence marketing via social media. Success in direct to consumer business requires a strong fulfillment strategy with a capability of scaling quickly. Direct to consumer businesses can also partner with third party logistics such as Prestige Logistics Group as they grow.

3. Enhanced Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability in logistics can be imperative to business. Ecommerce stores that have a defined sustainability strategy and manage to implement it see a great competitive advantage in the marketplace. As per a recent survey, people now prefer a brand that actively makes sustainability efforts to become greener. More than 70% of the customers prefer paying a 5% price premium for products of equivalent quality developed by more sustainable means.

4. Technology is the Key

Cloud-based solutions that offer access to some reliable and real time information would be key to reducing inefficiencies and making informed decisions. The digital transformation programs along with the adoption of 5G have contributed greatly to the quick take up of some software solutions. The developments in the IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence would continue to contribute further. The key to success of ecommerce would be through retailers and manufacturers collaborating with the logistics partners in order to drive consistent improvement. Some technological tools would assist in providing the required visibility and transparency.

5. Enhanced Branded Shipping

Developing a cohesive brand recognition across all the touchpoints to enhance brand recall and customer loyalty. And one area where several brands tend to fall short is to have a branded shipping experience. Follow all these logistics trends in 2022. Contact Prestige Logistics Group in order to improve your logistics, order fulfillment and ecommerce management.

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