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20 Innovative Artificial Intelligence Topics for Research

by Uneeb Khan

or what you are doing, AI can help you out with pretty much anything. 

AI is going to take over the world in no time. Or else, you can put it like this as well, it’s going to be the world’s future. However, it can still be a threat to job holders. Why is that? You may ask, well, because when we hand over everything to a bot, there wouldn’t be a place left for people. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Although we have mentioned it roughly and if you are still looking for an authentic definition of AI, here it is “It is the capability of a man-made machine, computer, or bot to perform tasks specifically done by humans.

Is AI a Good Option? 

If we take China, Japan, or countries like that, they have robots for every task. They prefer them to do the job than human beings, and men gotta earn to feed their families. Right? This makes it hard for the middle and lower middle class to get a job, even on entry levels. Firms would rather hire an experienced and professional candidate or simply create a robot for that job. This is an alarming situation for a huge group of people, specifically those who don’t know about this evolution. 

Anyhow, leave that debate for another day, and let’s speak facts here. The way AI can revive the drowning global economy this time, a man might take years to be capable of that. So if you are up for giving it a try to learn more about it, we welcome you aboard! 

What are we going to read? 

In the following article, we are going to mention 20 innovative topics you can use for your AI research! Besides, you can also use the article for assignment help, but do remember to amend the topics to avoid plagiarism. 

Whether you are a professor or a learner in a process, take this opportunity to feed your intelligence with our suggested topics. To make it serene for you to choose your research topic, we have broken it down into each category. And we hope that you will find the following article insightful. Let’s get into it! 

The Most Sought-after Topics for AI Research Papers!

  1. Do you agree that deep learning has changed the course of AI research? If so, explain briefly. 
  2. How does natural language processing affect global interaction?
  3. What’s your stance on artificial intelligence changing the way our interactions with computers?
  4. Should there be any limitations on artificial learning in the field of medicine? What must those limitations be?
  5. AI influence on future robotics engineering research – a thorough study. 
  6. Impacts of artificial intelligence on computer vision technologies.
  7. A complete guide to the most Recent Deep Learning algorithms.
  8. Everything you need to know about Large Scale Machine Learning.
  9. How can we embrace AI systems in our firms?
  10. Reinforcement learning and future! 
  11. Top most essential types of artificial intelligence.
  12. AI is the future of the world but can we expect it to create major issues in the future?
  13. Are we supposed to limit AI learning for high school students?
  14. AI learning and the non-privileged pupils – what’s the best possible solution for it? 
  15. A complete list of AI technologies that have transformed the world.
  16. Will AI technology distinguish right from wrong?
  17. AI technology suit the weapon system. What are your thoughts? 
  18. Implementation of artificial intelligence to terminate high-value targets.
  19. 3 ethical issues of AI and their possible solutions! 
  20. A brief discussion about the industries benefitting from AI technology.

These are some of the most trending research topics in the field of AI right now. However, if you are looking for something more precise yet brief, then we have a lot more than this to offer you. 

You can also pick up an industry or a branch affiliated with Artificial Intelligence and use it for your thesis. Plus, you can also seek assistance globally or take assignment help from London, since the field of AI is quite wide, and everyone is talking about it today. 

Moving on to the sub-topics that we are about to provide you, along with a short introduction to it just so that you can create your research topic. Trust us, doing this will going to fetch you some extra scores. 

Machine learning 

Walk back to the past and think that was it possible to invent something that can work without being taught or guided? Perhaps, it was not, but that’s not the case today, and machine learning is the proof. For those who don’t know what it is, machine study is about making computers capable of learning without programming. So basically, it’s closest to human intelligence. 

If you are willing to study ML thoroughly, what can be better? Because this can be one of the most interesting and fun topics to work on. You can talk about data visualization, image processing, predictive maintenance, and whatnot. There is plenty of fish in the sea for you! 

Deep learning 

In addition to the above, deep learning is the sub-branch of machine learning, which means that both can be similar to some extent. In simple terms, deep learning is related to mimicking of human brain or intelligence. Now, those who are completely new to this might wonder, how is it possible to mimic a human brain because it has more than 100 billion neurons, and each is connected? Well, just like that, the study of this field can be quite complex; hence, make sure before you opt for it for your final year project. And once you learn enough about the following topic, you can offer cheap essay writing services to sophomore-year students. 


As the name shows, the following field deals with humanoid machines. Yes, Robots that behave and work just like humans. Bots can almost do everything a man is supposed to do but are they capable of making decisions and handling situations that require critical thinking and analysis? Well, that’s where AI does the work. A robot created by a man can’t be efficient enough to make changes based on decision-making. Therefore, AI allows them to act smartly but only in certain situations. So robotics might seem limited in research, but there is still so much to discover about human intelligence in robots.

Computer vision 

Another branch that can be taken into consideration is Computer vision. The usage and need of AI in computer vision is to uproot information from images. You don’t need to put a lot of effort into understanding any image since you are a human. But for computers, it can be pretty difficult. Besides, in this digital era where everything is based on images, we do need to conduct a thorough research about it. This is going to play a huge role in the long run. 

Natural language processing 

Next, we have natural language processing on the list because we think it can make a pretty good title for your research. Plus, you can find so much information based on it with the help of the internet and existing research papers. Natural language processing is about the machine that analyzes and understands your language just so that it can answer you back in the same language. Just know that today not just humans but machines can also talk back so be nice to them! It includes speech recognition, natural language generation, and natural language translation. NLP is widely used in customer support departments today, just in case you are wondering! 

Reinforcement learning 

Just like humans, they are required to learn certain things after they make a mistake, right? The case is not much different for the machines too. They are also supposed to learn from their error and trials – that’s what we call reinforcement learning. But since it’s about machines and they have no emotions, they only have to learn algorithms; hence, we do that by applying the reinforcement learning formula. Isn’t it a fascinating example of learning from failures?

Internet of things 

Another considerable topic for your research papers is the Internet of Things, IoT. In the following sub-set, we explore and study how we can create systems that can learn to mimic the task that humans perform. And that too with the help of previous experience. Plus, IoT is a network that is connected to various devices, and with the help of the internet, they collect, share, and exchange data with each other. 


Choosing a topic for a thesis can be tiring, but not for those who prefer to work on something that interests them. Therefore, it won’t be a big deal if you are seriously invested in this artificial intelligence industry! And we have made this list keeping the same thing in our find. Feel free to choose a topic for yourself!

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