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100 W LED Flood Light

by Uneeb Khan
LED floodlights

Using a 100 watt LED flood light for your home can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of the light. This is because it produces more lumens than other types of lights, which means that you can use less energy. You can also choose from different mounting options, which can help you customize your light to fit your home.

Energy savings

Using LEDs in outdoor lighting can save energy and money. For instance, a 100W LED flood light can save up to 70% of your energy bill. And LEDs are also eco-friendly and durable.

LED bulbs have been tested to last longer than incandescent light bulbs, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them as often. LED lights are also available in a variety of types, including floodlights, which are a good choice for commercial or residential applications.

A 100W LED flood light also has some other impressive features. For instance, it is water and dust proof. This makes it a better choice for commercial applications, like parking lots or sport fields. It also produces a high-intensity light beam that provides maximum light distribution, resulting in improved illumination and decreased maintenance costs.


Using 100 Watt LED floodlights is the logical choice if you want to illuminate large areas. They are energy efficient and have long life. They can also be used to light up a parking lot or sporting ground. The 100 watt LED floodlight has many cool features such as the auto on/off dusk to dawn function, the built in photoelectric sensor, and the lithium iron phosphate battery. It can also be dimmed.

A good heat sink is made of pure aluminum and has a high thermal conductive rate of 238 W/MK. A good heat sink can help protect the LED flood light from overheating. Using LEDs for flood lighting can reduce energy consumption by as much as 60%. Using LEDs for a small project can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.

Mounting options

Whether you’re installing a 100 watt LED flood light to illuminate a landscape, a parking lot, or a sign, there are a number of mounting options to choose from. You can choose a slip fitter mount, a yoke mount, or a U bracket. Each of these mounting options allows you to choose the best angle for the lights.

The slip fitter is a metal mounting accessory that’s designed to fit over a round pole. The hollow end of the slip fitter slips over the pole and attaches to the flood light. You can adjust the angle of the lights by loosening or tightening the thumbscrew. This makes it easy to change the beam angle without having to move the fixture.

You can also mount a 100 watt LED flood light on a flat surface. These lights are commonly mounted on U brackets, which are adjustable metal pieces that attach to a flat surface.

Lumens produced

Among the different kinds of lights, a 100 W LED flood light offers a superior light output and energy efficiency. This light is perfect for outdoor and indoor lighting applications, such as commercial buildings, parks, billboards and more. It also features a high lumen output of 9,000 lumens, which makes your area appear safer.

A 100 W LED flood light comes with a 5-year warranty. It features an LED light engine that is made of rugged cast aluminum. The engine rotates to direct light where it’s needed, making it easy to install and maintain.

The patented ventilation plug of the floodlight also features a breathable membrane. This prevents condensation from building up in the floodlight. It also comes with a one-meter connection cable.


Using 100 watt LED floodlights is an excellent solution for residential exterior spaces. These lights are very durable and can be used in different situations. They can illuminate outdoor spaces and help improve the look of a building at night.

These lights have an IP66 weatherproof rating and use a fraction of the energy that halogen and other lights use. They are also resistant to corrosion and rust when exposed to water sources. They are also ideal for outdoor areas that experience heavy precipitation. They can be used for uplighting, landscaping, yard lighting, security lighting, architectural wall washing, billboards, and more.

These lights are extremely durable and are also very bright. They have an integrated colour temperature control system, so you can choose the perfect light for your home or business. They also have a motion sensor, which allows you to customize the length of the light’s output.

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