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1) Privacy

Privacy is one of the major differences between coworking and office sharing. You will have walls and doors between yourself and other people in an office-sharing arrangement.

You’ll have access to private meeting rooms and telephone booths in a coworking environment, but the majority of your time will be spent in the shared space with others.

2) Price

Coworking is cheaper than office sharing. Renting an office is more expensive than coworking because you have the privacy and dedicated space. You also pay for the continuity of the same space every day.

Coworking allows you to work on different sides of the room. It all depends on what time you arrive and who is working.


A typical office-sharing arrangement, such as subleasing space from Xerox, might require you to sign a long term agreement. Coworking terms are usually three months or less. You can even rent out your space on a monthly basis.


If your real estate firm subleasing office space from Xerox was owned, you would probably need to supply all of your furniture, including desks, chairs and printers.

Everything is included in a coworking arrangement. You can bring your laptop, whatever you might need, and find a spot to sit. Then, you have all the tools you need.

5) Infrastructure

If you share an office with another company, you need to think about infrastructure. Your valuable time and capital can be spent arranging for, maintaining and paying for utilities such as internet, gas, electricity and water.

All of this is covered by your rent in a coworking space.

6) Overhead

If you share an office, your overhead will be covered. Services such as IT support, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and decorating will need to be budgeted. This can make a significant impact on your working capital.

Renting from a coworking space will reduce overhead by including those costs in the cost.

7) Flexibility

Flexibility is the most important difference between coworking and office sharing.

A typical office-sharing lease will require you to pay for the space regardless of whether you use it. You will still need to pay for the third office if you reduce your business to just two offices.

You can change the size of your space in a coworking space such as Bond Collective based on your company’s needs.

8) Exposure to New Ideas

New ideas are vital to many businesses’ success. To get creative juices flowing, you need to be exposed to new environments, people, and problems.

The latter option is superior when it comes to office sharing and new ideas.

Your team will usually only be exposed to one business in an office-sharing setting. This is the one you rent or lease the space from. This reduces your exposure for new ideas.

A collaborative workspace, on the other hand, puts you in direct touch with people and teams from many industries, niches and specialties. This increases your exposure to new ideas.

Access to new ideas is actually one of the greatest benefits of coworking spaces.

You can learn new ideas from people who are different from you by working alongside them and tapping into their creativity.

9) Networking

Networking is about building professional connections that will help you and your business succeed. Your business will prosper if you have a strong network of industry professionals and clients.

Your team’s networking opportunities are severely limited by an office-sharing arrangement. Your team may interact with other businesses’ teams from time to time, but that’s it.

You won’t be able to network with other businesses in the same industry because you share office space.

Coworking spaces allow you to meet professionals from other industries while you work. You are exposed to new ideas, processes, people, and solutions that you didn’t know were possible.

This is not possible with an office-sharing arrangement.

You can combine networking and work in one place, whether you are based with your team or your own business.

10)Opportunities to Hire and Get Hired

You can’t expect the perfect client or team member to just appear at your door one day.This can be a tedious and difficult job.

This is not an easy task if your business is located in a private area or shared office space. Because of the conflict it would create, you can’t hire employees from other businesses.

Similar to the above, since your team interacts only with other businesses in your office-sharing arrangement your chances of getting hired are very limited.

You have to get out there and search for the right person to hire and to get hired. Coworking spaces are a pool of ready-made talent that is waiting for you to get your feet wet.

You can network with like-minded people and get to know professionals from many industries and skill levels. This will help you understand how they could fit into your business.

This is a long interview where you get to know each other. Once you are ready to hire, ask them if he or she would like to be part of your team.

This is also true when it comes to getting hired. You can think of the socializing and networking you do in a coworking space as a way for your business to be attractive to other people.

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