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10 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Good For Team Building 

by Uneeb Khan
10 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Good For Team Building 

Are you stuck over-assessing the capabilities of an escape room? We say, don’t ever doubt it! 

It is a package of everything one can desire at a specific phase of their life. Whether personal or professional, escape games are a mood of fun, vibe, development, and nurturing of physical and mental aspects of an individual. This is true for business enthusiasts who wish to implement team building into their work personnel. Find out how escape games are an excellent help in team building here! 

  1. Strength & Weakness 

Teams are required to rise to the temptation through escape rooms. Not everybody is skilled in every activity needed to exit the room. Your teammates may be better at breaking codes than you are at identifying puzzles, or vice versa. Your colleagues’ characteristics are shown in surprising ways that you may not have previously noticed in escape rooms. 

  1. Fascinating Chamber 

Subjects and puzzles for escape rooms are plentiful. Try again if you believe you’ve seen them all. Try LockBreaker Escapes; they’d interest you as a group and assemble your group around. Do you enjoy space escapades? Or would you want to go on an adventure in the jungle? Choose your poison. If you’re organizing a team-building activity, concentrate on the character traits you want to develop. For instance, a mystery-themed space is your best option if you want your colleagues to pay close to every detail. Take an arbitrary room and let destiny determine if you’re just delighted to participate with buddies. 

  1. Team-Work & Dissemination 

Escape rooms allow you to communicate with a new employee you’ve recently welcomed. Players must work together and share once inside the area to finish the problem before time runs out. If you wish to escape on time, work collectively and shout out the clues. No matter how absurd an idea may seem, present it to the group. And maybe it’ll help answer a problem that the others couldn’t figure out. This removes any reluctance a player would have to express their opinions. 

  1. Time Management 

The majority of escape rooms are intended to be finished in 60 minutes. Time wastage is, therefore, not an option. This maintains the players inspired to cooperate and crack the problems to defeat the clock. You cannot bear to squander time if you intend to leave the room before the timer expires. Clue grabbing, puzzle hoarding, and poor collaboration are your mortal enemies. This relentless urgency keeps participants on their toes and nurtures time organizational abilities. 

  1. Camaraderie 

Escape chambers are intended to be played in groups. As a result, you cannot finish all the problems before time runs out. The value of practicing together cannot be emphasized enough. For the team to succeed, each member must fulfill a specific job. Even individuals who struggle with puzzles can support the group and boost morale by cheering them on. No one here is left out of the game, whether they win or lose. In the end, encouraging camaraderie is the aim, and escape rooms assist players in developing a sense of teamwork. 

  1. Cost-Effective 

It can be costly to plan a weekend team-building activity for businesses. Reserving the location and planning lodging and meals are examples of overhead. However, escape rooms are significantly more cost-effective, easier to plan, and better at fostering teamwork. Players in escape games have an hour to put their wits together and figure out how to escape the room. No hotel reservations or extensive itineraries are required. Therefore, using escape rooms to host corporate team-building activities and unite your workers is affordable and successful. 

  1. Creative Thinking 

The problems in escape rooms are distinctive, so you can never entirely anticipate what will happen. Yes, some of the riddles are identical, and the stories may be related. Still, that’s it! There are no two similar escape games. Furthermore, there is no means to plan. Players are compelled to act quickly as a result. And while conventional methods usually work, there are times when you need to look outside the box. In this limited environment, problem-solving in real-time is an excellent method to polish your abilities for life’s difficulties. 

  1. Skills Analysis 

You can observe your employees’ abilities in a relaxed setting as they take on new tasks by employing escape rooms as a team-building activity or corporate event. Unlike how they behave in the corporation, they are authentic here—speaking aloud while solving the problems right in front of you. Who assumes control of the first task? Who ensures that everyone participates and is rewarded equally? They’ll demonstrate a more genuine side to themselves and their skill, which will manifest in the game! 

  1. Amazing Glee 

Although it may seem like we are repeating a few points from the list, it is interesting to highlight that escape rooms increase your happiness chemically! Hormonally, yes. No matter how big or tiny your goals may be, achieving them causes your brain to generate dopamine. Dopamine is a feel-good chemical that helps reduce stress, innovation support, and memory and generally energizes you to work more efficiently and harder. 

  1. Confidence 

It might genuinely motivate you to see how well you can perform in such a tangible way. It can be challenging for average workers to receive instant positive or negative feedback daily. The machine processes most of your effort, leaving you with a meager sense of accomplishment. You undoubtedly succeeded, but how effective are you? What needs to be strengthened? Imposter syndrome is not new, and it can make you feel depressed. You can immediately see where you excel and develop those talents using games like Escape Rooms. Before branching out to develop new skills, you can identify what you shine at noticeably and employ that to assist you in getting more confident! 


Team building synchronized with entertainment will enable your employees to achieve their farthest selves and explore the world in terms of business training them for prospects. So, book your favorite theme today! 

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