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10 best online learning platforms for postgraduates

by Uneeb Khan
10 best online learning platforms for postgraduates

Are you a graduate without having any sense of direction for what you are going to do next? Welcome aboard then and call yourself postgraduate because that is what you are right now. You are in a lot better place if you aren’t out there job-hunting and studying at the same time. Any idea why? Well, that would have gotten worse than what you are dealing with now. 

Anyhow, if you are looking for a change and finding online learning platforms for postgraduate education, then you are landed at the right place. We hope that you already know about online platforms like Moodle, Future learn, and Edx because these are some of the most authentic platforms for students. And a huge group of pupils prefers benefitting themselves from these platforms. Apart from that, there are ten other online learning platforms, and if you want to know about them, we suggest sticking to the end of this article.

Ten Online Learning Platforms for Quality-Postgraduate Education! 


USA-based, this learning platform not only offers more than 5,000 courses, 200+ affiliated businesses and universities but also has specialization and certificate programs!  Apart from that, Coursera has over 77 million learners on the platform currently. It has a wide variety of courses which gives you the leverage to choose the one that you are looking for. It also provides you with needed academic assistance, Ph.D. dissertation help for instance. 


Next, we have Udemy for business-minded individuals. We put it on the second number because Udemy currently offers more than 14,000 courses for more than 9000 companies. If you know you aren’t new to e-learning, then you must know about it because this one is quite popular among learners. If you are looking forward to skill-based learning, then nothing can be a better choice than Udemy for you! 


Yes, this is related to the master chef. However, you won’t be rewarded here or provided with any certificates since that is not the sole purpose of it. The Master class is for those who want to learn about celebrity experience and expertise. By enrolling yourself here, you can learn about the cooking talents of the great Gordon Ramsey, who himself will teach you to become a master chef! Plus, with Anna Wintour’s leadership skills, you are going to get in-depth courses on a wide variety of topics. It has top-class instructors, as you can imagine by the name description. And top of that, all the courses have a broad curriculum. Besides, if you think that a Masterclass only offers creative courses, you must check it out to check your facts. 


Let’s talk about Edx, shall we? It offers more than 3500 certified courses; if you want to learn ultimate STEM, then this is where you need to be. While it may not offer dissertation writing service, it’s still pretty worth giving a shot, and here’s another one. Universities like Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley are official partners of Edx, and it has about 15000 instructors that help students out with their respective subjects. Moreover, if you can’t join university for any reason, it allows you to enroll yourself in advanced degrees and courses from home. You can take recorded classes for free. However, you won’t receive any certificate for that. Another downside of it is that Edx has very limited courses available in the field of humanities and creativity.


Are you into receiving nano degrees? Do you have the audacity to enroll in Udacity? If yes then you must try it because this online learning platform offers you 200+ courses and you just need four months to complete each. Besides, when you enroll, you get to access the actual advisor who helps you with career counseling and building your resume. Plus, it has various scholarship options, and you can get customized feedback on your projects. So, are you up for the ride? 


With more than 35,000 courses, you are supposed to subscribe to this platform to get all the benefits. Furthermore, Skillshare has around 70 creative topics to learn about, including creative writing, photography, graphic designing, etcetera. Skillshare helps you with a wide range of topics. However, free courses are quite limited. Therefore, you must think thoroughly before enrolling in any course. Make sure you are interested in learning about what you have chosen. You don’t have to worry about your course choice because it covers almost everything. 


If you want to expand your knowledge about data, then Pluralsight is what you might need. This online learning platform covers over 7000 certified courses and is mainly designed for working professionals. Whether you are an individual or a team, it offers both mini degrees to increase your data knowledge. Be careful about what you choose because you aren’t going to get a refund after enrolling yourself in a course. But you can also get unlimited access to the classes after subscribing.

LinkedIn Learning

So if you are one of them who always used LinkedIn to hunt for a job, you might not be familiar with it. However, it’s not new because back in 2017, Lynda.com and LinkedIn got merged and that’s when LinkedIn learning was started. Today, it offers 16000+ courses, which means it can be quite an option for your, right? These courses mostly cover business, technology, and creative areas. So what if it does not provide help dissertation UK, you can still take advantage of the course they are offering. 

Blackboard Learn 

Do you know that it’s been 23 years since this online learning platform was introduced? Amazing, isn’t it? Just like nothing is more comfortable than an old pair of jeans, we don’t think you can find anything better than Blackboard learns. Once you get to know about it, you can develop a better understanding of it. 


Who does not know about canvas? This is the most common and known platform for online learning if you are into graphics or anything. Why? Because it almost focuses on everything. Instructors here create individual courses on canvas. You might not believe this, but this platform has everything a student needs! 


Remember we talked about this in the beginning? Moodle is an open-source, free learning and management platform. And it is translated into 95 languages. This is quite proof of how popular this online platform is. And if you want to make sure yourself, then you are more than welcome! 


The world does not end on these ten platforms; by that, we mean that you must continue your research until you find something extraordinary. However, until then, we suggest you benefit from these online learning platforms as much as possible! Have fun learning! 

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