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5 Remedies to Cure Pain Easily

by Uneeb Khan

Body pain is a frequent problem for many people. You could experience body pain for various reasons, including illness, injury, fatigue, or poor posture. The severity of the pain also varies from person to person. Therefore, the pain you are feeling is not likely to be the same as another individual. Regardless of the circumstances, every time an individual feels pain, the main aim of the individual is to reduce the pain they are feeling. The following are some remedies you may use to reduce your pain and give you the relief you need.

  1. Using Cannabis or CBD Products

CBD or cannabidiol has numerous potential benefits, including pain relief. While there is a high stigma associated with cannabis and its derivatives, research has indicated that CBD has therapeutic effects which can be instrumental for an individual suffering pain. Different communities have historically used cannabis and its derivatives to treat pain. In the medical field, CBD products have also been used to treat patients suffering from chronic pain. 

Based on the research surrounding vaping CBD oil for pain relief, using this substance for your pain will be very beneficial. You could opt to use CBD oil manufactured, packed, and sold by numerous dispensers around the country. Alternatively, you could use products infused with CBD oil, such as cookies or CBD gummies. It is important to note that CBD does not have the psychoactive effects associated with ordinary cannabis because of low concentrations of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

  1. Pain Killers

Depending on how severe your pain is, you could purchase over-the-counter medication to help reduce your pain. Over-the-counter medication is often very effective in addressing pain when it is mild and not caused by other underlying issues. You do not require a doctor’s prescription to get over-the-counter medication. However, it will be wise to seek a doctor’s opinion to ensure that you do not take medication to which you are allergic. Some over-the-counter paracetamol tablets can be very effective in curing pain.

However, if the symptoms are persistent, it will be essential for you to seek your doctor’s opinion on whether they could recommend stronger pain medication. Potent pain medication is not available over the counter since you are likely to get addicted if you abuse the drug. Therefore, before taking strong pain killers, always consult a doctor.

  1. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used to relieve tissue pain for a long time throughout history. Massages can be instrumental in helping you relax and reduce the pain you are feeling. When in pain, a massage therapist can work on the area of the body that is in pain by compressing the area and relaxing the tension in your body. It is advisable to use therapeutic massage oil for massaging since it has anti-inflammatory properties and can also give relaxation effects.

If you are uncomfortable being massaged by another individual, you can always give yourself massages by slowly rubbing the area in pain. Always make sure to use massage oil to reduce the friction on your skin and to avoid causing yourself further injury.

  1. Using Icepacks

Ice can be instrumental in reducing the pain you are suffering at any given moment. Icing an injury should be done immediately after the injury occurs for it to be effective. Icing reduces pain by cooling the area that has suffered an injury and constricting the blood vessels. The constricted blood vessels pass less blood to the injured area, reducing pain by numbing the area. Additionally, icing minimizes the likelihood of swelling resulting from inflammation after injury.

Doctors recommend that icing is done for 20 minutes, after which a 20-minute break is introduced. The breaks ensure that the icing does not have side effects such as frostbite on sensitive skin. 

  1. Using Natural Herbs and Spices

Using natural herbs and spices can be instrumental in relieving pain, especially when you have some resistance or allergic reaction to the medication. Some spices with therapeutic effects include ginger and turmeric. When in pain, you could boil some ginger and turmeric into a concoction which you can then use to relieve pain. Ginger can be very bitter to drink, especially if boiled alongside turmeric. Therefore, you can mix the concoction with a bit of honey to make the entire drink palatable.


Having pain is often a very unbearable experience. While these five remedies could be very beneficial to you in curing your pain, the best way to address pain is to avoid being in pain from the onset. Therefore, ensure that you use a proper posture while working at the desk, take frequent breaks during work, and avoid sustaining an injury to reduce the likelihood of getting pain. Remember, preventing something is better than curing it after it occurs.

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